Grand RE2022 Call for Papers and Participation

We are now on the way of calling for Papers (2P Abstract) and for people to participate in Grand RE2022 International Conference. Your challenge to both is eagerly expected for your colleagues and network. The registration is conducted from home page,
Outlook of the conference is written below,
1.Conference Slogan
“How to accelerate Renewable Energy integration” to the routine energy management
2.Date, Method and Main Program
・December 13 to 20, 2022 except Saturday and Sunday
・All programs managed by Online, using Zoom webinar
・Within six net working days,
First day: Keynote Speeches by 6 VIPs, and Special Session
Second day to Sixth day: Invited Speakers presentation by 19 experts, Oral Research presentation, and Overviewing of Posters submitted by registered personnel
・Language: English
3.Registration and Presentation
・Registration is conducted from Home Page
・The 2P abstract submission is mandatory regardless of Oral and Poster presentations within 2 weeks after registration complete.
・After registration, own MY BOX is given with ID and PW, which is sent immediately to your e-mail address written in registration form. Abstract can be uploaded to there by yourself.
・Correction of abstract is easily possible by yourself in accessing to MY BOX.
・Key date of Abstract Submission: First Stone September 30,
Final Stone October 31.
4.Welcome!! The person without presentation. MY BOX is given as well, from there, Zoom participation is feasible and all the abstract down-loads are also possible.
5.Other Key Dates and Important Notification
・Poster Submission: November 30
・Presentation Power Point:December 7
(Submission of presentation PPT is necessary to cope with radio transmission error)
・4P Full Paper submission: December 20
(Only the person who wants to up-load it to J-Stage, worldwide scholar network. Copy right is transferred to Grand RE2022 International Conference Organization)
・Sample and instruction of Abstract and Full Paper are shown in Home Page.
・Connection test with Zoom webinar is mandatory for all oral presenters, which is scheduled in the latter half of November.
・Award: Best Oral and Best Poster prizes are selected in each area of 12 areas.
6.Registration Fee
・ Not Student 20,000 Japanese Yen, Student 10,000 Japanese Yen, regardless of presentation or not. Payment is Japanese Yen only. Registration fee covers all six days participation and downloading all abstracts.
・ For the corporate organization, there is sponsorship system, in which the persons are invited free equivalent to the amount of money in addition to the logo on-board. Detail is written in home page.
We sincerely ask your corporate to consider about joining to sponsorship, Bronze, Silver, or Gold.
8.Inquiry and Contact
・Secretariat Office: Grand RE2022 International Conference
Makoto Ikeda, Acting Organizer of Grand RE2022 International Conference
T81-3-5294-3888, F03-5294-0909,
1-24-3 Kanda Suda Cho, Chiyoda ku, Tokyo 101-0041

Best regards,
Grand RE2022 International Conference
General Chairperson Prof. Kazuhiko Ogimoto (The University of Tokyo)
Deputy General Chair. Emeritus Researcher DR. Yoshiro Owadano (AIST)
Deputy General Chair. Prof. Takeshi Ishihara (The University of Tokyo)